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A new way to find great coffee

Bean Label was a brand new concept for our client. Coffee shops are an integral part of local communities. Bringing together individuals from all backgrounds: friends, creatives and business people. Our client wanted us to help build a platform that showcased the best places to drink great coffee and enjoy unique experiences and environments.


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Championing the independents

It’s a sad sight to see that such an important element of the community, the coffee shop, is a service dominated by large chains that have little love for the coffee or the people they serve. The idea behind Bean Label was to create a platform that would share the best independent coffee shops across the UK, giving users a tool to browse the top places in their area and learn more about the people behind the shops.

Our client needed a visual identity, as well as a range of functions that would enable postcode searches, location filters and video embedding. It was also essential that all updates and changes would be easy to add with minimal coding knowledge.

There were three fundamental elements to the website. Firstly, the homepage needed to allow the user to search for coffee shops using their postcode. Once they entered their address, the website would need to present the closest coffee shops to them, at which point the user could click on any of the coffee shops and go through to the individual coffee shop pages. These pins would need to be easily added through a CMS.

Secondly, Bean Label needed a browse page, displaying all of the coffee shops on the website, allowing the user to filter by location, or simply type in a shop name to search. Again, this information would need to be easily managed through a CMS without coding knowledge. Finally, the website required an individual page for each coffee shop which would tie everything together, providing the administrator with a simple set-up to add videos, images and text.

Google Maps Intergration

We built an integrated Google map into the homepage, allowing users to search for coffee shops quickly and simply. From an admin point of view, our client simply needed to add the longitude and latitude details for each coffee shop. The pin would appear on the map automatically, as would the link to the respective coffee shop page.

Responsive Design

For many of the target Bean Label users, mobile design is essential. Searching for a place to meet up for a coffee happens on the go, on your mobile. It was important that the website was designed for mobile as well as desktop. We created a responsive design, ensuring all videos, images and text displayed perfectly for the device on which they are viewed.


When it came to brand and design, the client was looking at as a point of inspiration. He wanted an identity and design that was clean and minimal. We knew that many of the pages on the site would display beautiful videos and pictures of cool and interesting coffee shops. Our job was to design a style that would draw the eye to the content rather than compete for attention.

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