About Us

We’re Supremo, a small web design and development agency based in Manchester.
We may be small in size but we're big on digital ideas and delivering a first class service.

Our Team

  • Ian Cox

    Creative Director

    Having being part of the industry since 2005, including working extensively with the likes of the BBC and Sony Music, Ian has a knack for spotting new digital talent and loves a challenging creative brief.

  • Mike Strand

    Technical Director

    Responsible for turning dreams into reality. Mike has led and contributed to big development projects including websites, ecommerce stores and interactive digital assets. Mike manages the nitty gritty fundamentals of our projects.

  • Dan Heywood


    Dan, who graduated from Salford University, joined us after a successful year placement back in 2016. He has a keen interest in both design & development, and is also an aspiring music producer & DJ.

  • Rosie Heaton

    PR & Copywriter

    A PR student, Rosie is passionate about storytelling. In her spare time, she can be found exploring Manchester with a camera in her hand.

  • Ashley Dutton


    Ash is an aspiring designer and developer with a keen interest in the industry. Avid follower of the Drum & Bass scene, his spare time is dedicated to music, from DJ’ing to attending live events.

  • MR Lamp


    We love his light hearted nature and how useful he is when we don't have an even number of employees.

What are we offering?

We're offering fresh and lovingly produced creative solutions to any digital brief that stokes our fire.

We make no qualms about being a small team, with two of our directors alone clocking up over 20 years of technical and creative experience there isn't much that phases us.

This experience provides our backbone and gives substance to our style. Yes we create lovely looking things that function beautifully but they're also delivered on time, in budget and with an end goal in mind.

Supremo have gone and beyond, striking the right balance between creative execution and design that drives the commercial goals that are critical to us.

Alastair Brown - Artesian


    We aim to combine strategy and analytics with truly exceptional design. Everything we create needs to be visually stunning, but it also needs to work towards a goal and purpose. Style and substance.


    We wholeheartedly believe that the key to success is to strive to become exceptional at what you do. We want that culture to spread through our work and our business. No short cuts, no one-size fits all. It means every action and decision that we take within our business works towards this target, whether those actions have a clear, direct impact on the client or not.

  • Innovate and push boundaries

    We enjoy pushing our work to the limit and working outside our comfort zone. We aim to work at the forefront of digital: innovative in the design and build of our websites and content whilst delivering remarkable results. Whether our clients are looking for increased conversion, improvements on SEO or enhanced brand awareness, we aim to supersede expectations.

  • Monday morning blues-free zone

    We want every member of our team to enjoy their work. We challenge ourselves on eliminating the Monday morning blues, creating a positive work environment so that our team genuinely enjoys coming to work. Yes, we like to challenge ourselves and deliver results for our clients, but we need to enjoy life along the way. By achieving this, the passion and enthusiasm generated within the team will lead us to ours, and in turn our clients’, business goals.

  • We were really happy with what Supremo delivered. Our website delivered significantly more value than it ever has, we increased brand exposure and supported our goals of increasing visits via organic search and referral websites.


  • We're really happy with Supremo’s work. They understood what we were after, delivered on their promises and created a modern and professional website which we’re proud to show to our clients.

    Mick Curley – Caelum

  • Huge thanks goes to everyone who took part in the Creative Cup, all the money raised will go towards improving communities across Greater Manchester, and encouraging local people to do extraordinary things..

    Forever Manchester

  • Supremo have gone above and beyond, striking the right balance between creative execution and design that drives the commercial goals that are critical to us.

    Alastair Brown - Artesian

  • I am happy with the work done by Supremo in designing my website. I feel Supremo has caught the spirit of what we are and what we are trying to do.

    Harold Riley – The Riley Archive