Smoke & Croak

Making an entrance

Smoke & Croak was a start multilingual digital agency specialising in solutions for UK companies looking to export online. Their team had big ambitions to build a business that would because the best multilingual digital agency in the country. They needed a brand image to capture their core message, a website to reflect their USPs and interactive content to wow their audience.

Motion Video

Framing a Story

Smoke & Croak had a story to tell. They wanted their core beliefs and personality to burst from the screen. The company were launching into a translation and localisation market where conservative and monotonous brands are the norm.

We worked with Smoke & Croak to build branding around the personality of the company rather than the product profile. We designed their branding and introduced a vibrant and youthful confidence.


A Start-up that wanted to carve out a content niche in their digital market, Smoke & Croak wanted to build a home for interactive content which they could use to outreach their community and create brand awareness.

We designed interactive infographics, music landing pages and clean blog templates to entertain and engage visitors.

Capture the attention

Smoke & Croak work in digital marketing and their web profile is their 'shop window' for prospective clients. The company’s competencies and professionalism will be judged within seconds according to the impression that their website makes.

Through unique design, we created a site which immediately draws attention and captures engagement with animation and interactivity. We also built responsive versions of the site for mobile and table devices to enhance and customise user experience.

After 3 months
live, Smoke & Croak
had a bounce rate below
40% meaning that more
than 60% of users were

Making the Right impression

The moment a visitor enters your site, you have second to grab their attention and keep them from bouncing.

We designed and created an animated video on Smoke & Croak’s homepage, immediately drawing the user into the company’s story, brand message and value proposition.

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