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The Riley Archive

Harold Riley is an internationally renowned artist. Throughout his illustrious career, Harold has been commissioned to paint the portraits of various world leaders and icons such as Prince Phillip, Nelson Mandela, John F. Kennedy and Sir Alex Ferguson. However, Riley's main work has always been centred on his home town of Salford. Since the 1960’s, Riley has been documenting the city, observing and recording its changing landscape and community across four decades through his paintings, drawings and photographs.


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Framing a Story

The essence and energy of Salford’s recent history has been captured through Riley’s project, and he wanted to collaborate with a local digital studio to preserve and share this work online. Riley effectively wanted to create a timeless digital art gallery that would make his work accessible to a new audience.

We created a clean, minimalist website to showcase Riley’s work, ensuring that Salford, rather than our design, remained the centrepiece.

Preserving the collection

The core objective of this project was to preserve Riley’s documentation of Salford. The project allows current and future generations to observe the evolution of Salford, from tougher times in the twentieth century through to the confidence and prosperity that the city is currently experiencing.

It was essential that Riley's team could manage and upload the content, art and news effortlessly, so we built a website and e-commerce store that required zero ongoing agency input and would allow Riley to update all elements of the website as frequently as he wished.

I am happy with the work done by Supremo in designing my website. I feel Supremo has caught the spirit of what we are and what we are trying to do.

Harold Riley – The Riley Archive

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