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Inlight had a website which was around 5 years old, an ecommerce platform which was dysfunctional from the administrators end and a code which was unfriendly from a search ranking perspective. To summarise, the luxury products offered by the company were not reflected through the design and mechanics of their online store and blog.


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The Challenge

Inlight approached us to create a new, modernised version of the website to reflect their brand. We jumped at the chance! Inlight needed a website that reflected their brand image through a clean, minimalist design, presenting their products as a luxury cosmetic. Inlight wanted the new design to increase conversion by minimising content on the site and simplifying the user journey.

They also needed to switch to an ecommerce platform that was more suited to their needs and improve the whole operations process from sale through to distribution and accounting. Their site was hosted on Magento, which just wasn’t appropriate for an ecommerce site with fewer than 100 SKUs listed.

Finally, the original website code had constantly been patched up with quick fixes when errors appeared. This meant that the performance was poor, and subsequently this had a negative effect on search engine rankings. Inlight needed to see an increase in organic traffic which, at this stage, would be led by improving the code base, leading to increased speeds and aiding Google bots to crawl and parse the site.


We started the project by digging into Inlight’s analytics. Their team weren’t completely up to speed on the type of traffic and engagement that was currently happening on their website. We wanted to get a better idea of who their current online audience and customer was before moving into concept and design. Once the data was analysed, the insight clearly indicated that whilst there was a steady stream of traffic coming from each age group above 25, conversion rates, transactions and engagement levels were considerably higher amongst age groups above 45. This information would go on to influence Inlight’s content marketing strategy.

Clean navigation

We designed and built a clean navigation style, helping users to easily find and navigate to the high traffic areas of the site, with particular focus on products and the conversion hotspots. When users can find what they’re looking for, they spend more time on the website, bounce rates decline and conversions increase.

Customised checkout

Inlight had complex checkout requirements. Their products ranged from heavy glass bottles to small samples, meaning different delivery charges. They also have orders coming from all over the world. This combination means that the taxing and delivery charges vary from order to order. We built checkout calculators to give users the total cost of their order before going through checkout, minimising the risk of drop out.

Sales data at your fingertips

The website was built using OpenCart’s ecommerce platform. Any member of the Inlight team could login to the backend of the site at any time and gather real time sales data. They could also manage stock, product listings, customer and email lists. Everything can be managed with no coding knowledge required. Plus, because the site was built using open source software, Inlight weren’t tied down to us or any other agency. Any developer can make changes to the site.

Increased engagement and conversions

In the three months since the new site was launched, our work has led to an increase in engagement and conversions, and a drop in bounce rates when compared to the same period in 2014.




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