The Secrets You Could Be Sharing Online

What kind of content you should never share on Facebook

There are all sorts of privacy settings available for ensuring that information you share on Facebook only reaches the people you want it to reach.

We've got a host of guides on privacy settings that include links to important Facebook resources.

But there's some content that it's advisable to never share - some of which you could easily share accidentally. Here is our guide to information we'd suggest never sharing on Facebook.

Your Credit Card or Other Financial Details

It might seem like a ridiculously obvious statement to make here. But actually, you could very easily accidentally share financial information.

Smartphone cameras are really high definition on newer devices. And it's incredibly easy to inadvertently upload photographs with things in the background. If you take a photo of your child's school artwork, for example, and there's a credit card somewhere on the table just in shot, this information could be exploited by thieves.

Be incredibly cautious about things in the background of your photographs and never share any of your financial data on Facebook.

Your Full Home Address

Even if all of your information is restricted just to friends, some information is best unshared. Is there any need for your full home address to be on Facebook? We can't think of a single situation in which that is essential.

And if any of your friends' Facebook accounts get hacked, then your complete home address is visible to hackers.

When Your Home is Empty

Every single time you update Facebook, you should consider who might be seeing those updates. Again, consider the possibility of a friend's account being hacked and a hacker having access to every single update you share with your friends.

We all love to check in at the airport or at an exotic holiday destination. But you could also, inadvertently, be alerting criminals to the fact that your home is empty.

Regular Photos with Geotags

Facebook will often prompt you to add the location of a photo when you upload it. But this presents a problem if done consistently. Picture this: